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Are you tired of looking at your worn out deck? It just doesn’t seem like a fun place to hold family gatherings anymore, does it? Confident Coatings can come and revitalize that deck to its former glory with Colorado Springs deck repair. You want your deck to be a place where family and friends can come together and make special memories and spend fun times under the sun and stars. You do not want to have an object that is an ugly reminder of the work that has not been kept up or even worse a structure that could injure friends or family members.

Our deck restoration experts have the ability to bring your deck back to life and make it an enjoyable meeting area. Many homeowners do not realize that there is more to taking care of a deck than giving it a yearly pressure washing and a new coat of paint. In fact, if you are not pressure washing your deck correctly you could be doing more damage than good. Improper techniques have the ability to destroy the wood and ruin the overall look of the deck. When you use us as your deck restoration experts, we will assess the best plan of action for your old friend. We will ensure that the physical integrity of the deck will not be compromised during the process. When we begin working on your deck we only use professional grade cleaners and brighteners that are used in conjunction with pressure cleaning.

We Clean Your Deck First

Considering the damage that can be done with pressure washing, we only use low levels so not to harm the deck any further. Even as professionals using high-pressure cleaning methods can leave a negative impact on wood. Although you may be able to get superior cleaning results from high impact treatments, it is not worth it for long term results. This is one of the reasons we use a quality cleaner in conjunction with low-pressure washing as it helps to deliver the results you want. All of our cleaners are environmentally safe and friendly.

Then We Seal And Stain Your Deck

Once we have thoroughly cleaned your deck, we will begin the process of staining the wood. We begin the process by sealing the deck first. This is a vital two-step process that is used to ensure that your deck looks great and will maintain that same look for several years. We do this process right the first time, so you can enjoy these benefits for years to come. Be sure when you are ready to get your deck looking new again that you call upon the services of Confident Coatings for a job that is going to be done right the first time.

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